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Gert-Triller-Award for Music Culture

The Dedicatee of the Award

Gert Triller, born in 1934, passed away in October 2015 at the age of 81 after a long illness. He named the non-profit Notenspur-Förderverein (now: Notenspur Leipzig e.V.) as a partial heir in his will, without the association knowing about it and without there having been any direct contact with the Notenspur association before his death.

Gert Triller worked almost all his life at the heavy machinery combine TAKRAF. There he was responsible for the transport of heavy-duty cranes and often worked as a crane driver himself.

He much preferred to be out in the countryside than in concert halls.

Gert Triller is an example of the many citizens of Leipzig who are never in the limelight and yet are committed to Leipzig without being noticed. In the best Leipzig tradition, Gert Triller continues to advocate for Leipzig even after his death.

Photo: Gert Triller, approx. 1984 (priv.)