Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur

Kleine Leipziger Notenspur (Little Leipzig Music Trail)

Together with mascot Toni, the Kleine Leipziger Notenspur leads children on a search for clues along the regular Notenspur route. At some of the selected stations, there are interactive offers, e.g. the Notenspur discovery passport with information, tasks and puzzles suitable for children, the “Notenwand” riddle installation (Notenspur station 8, Pentahotel Leipzig, Dörrienstrasse), audio samples for children via the audio guidance system as well as family-friendly activities of the participating museums.

The Kleine Leipziger Notenspur complements the efforts of various music institutions to target the music lovers of tomorrow. It is also a clear signal against the limitation of classical music to so-called temples of the Muses. This way, the Kleine Leipziger Notenspur takes special account of Leipzig's concern to promote activities for families and children under the keyword Young City.

Here you can download our folder (only German) of the Kleine Leipziger Notenspur free of charge, with a map and brief descriptions of the stations as a PDF document.