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Citizen donations

"If the great initiative of the Leipziger Notenspur did not exist, it would have to be invented. Where else in the world is there an opportunity to make the important German musical tradition more visible than in Leipzig, the city with which the names of the most famous composers are mentioned in the same breath." (Joachim Großpersky, Edition Peters)


We rely on your donations to realize our association's purpose. Thanks to your support and the commitment of the city of Leipzig, the Leipziger Notenspur with its pathway and audio guidance system was already inaugurated on May 12, 2012. The other two projects - the Leipziger Notenrad and the Leipziger Notenbogen - have yet to be implemented.


The Leipzig note routes and donations for the association's activities

The realization of the Leipziger Notenbogen is one of our next big goals. In the near future there will be talks with the city of Leipzig and the Notenbogen stations with the aim of implementing this music route soon.

Unfortunately, the implementation of the music wheel has come to a standstill and there is no concrete timetable here. We are holding the donations received so far for the music wheel in trust until the planning is resumed and we as an association have to provide our own funds for the implementation of the music wheel.

Therefore, we are very happy to accept your donations for our extensive association activities - without a specific donation purpose!

Of course, you can also donate for another project of the Leipziger Notenspur, e.g. the further family-friendly design of the Leipziger Notenspur, for the area of cultural/social education of children and young people or activities for researching the rich Jewish musical heritage of our city. In this case, please indicate this as the intended purpose.

With your consent, you will be mentioned by name on the Notenspur-Homepage from a donation of 25 euros.
Please be sure to include your address with your payment if you would like a receipt for your donation, otherwise we will not be able to send it to you. 


The fundraising campaign for the Music Wheel Climbing Orchestra at the Leipzig Music Wheel has ended!

We thank all donors for their commitment! Our donation goal was reached! Since August 2017, the children can romp on the music wheel climbing orchestra playground with the big drum slide.

Background: The music wheel climbing orchestra (Volkspark Stünz, access e.g. via Pflaumenallee) in its first stage of development was handed over to the public for use on May 18, 2015. The original playground, where children can romp on, on and between musical instruments, was created in the Volkshain Stünz along the route of the future Leipzig Music Wheel, between the Schönefeld Memorial Church and the Mölkau Municipal Estate - designed entirely in the spirit of family-friendly design.
The cooperation between the Notenspur Association, the Sellerhausen-Stünz Citizens' Association, the garden program of the Citizens for Leipzig Foundation, and the Office for Urban Green Areas and Waters proved to be very fruitful for the project.

Account Details

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Account holder: Notenspur Leipzig e.V.
IBAN: DE98 8605 5592 1100 8042 06
Intended purpose: Donation


If you do NOT want your name to be published as a donor, please add NO!

Your deposit receipt is also valid as a donation receipt up to 200 euros. If you need a donation receipt, please enter your address under purpose of donation.

If you send us an e-mail in addition to your deposit, we can immediately confirm receipt of payment.

If you have any questions, please send us an email to mail(at)notenspur-leipzig(dot)de. 

10 good reasons to donate to the Notenspur Leipzig e.V

  • You are taking on an innovative project in Leipzig yourself.
  • They make Leipzig's extraordinary musical tradition visible in the cityscape.
  • They create musical discovery tours for the whole family.
  • They present Leipzig treasures to guests from all over the world.
  • You make culture something that everyone can experience.
  • You are involved in the "network" of Leipzig music.
  • You set an example for our citizenship.
  • You become a patron of culture and join the long list of benefactors of Leipzig culture.
  • You are supporting a project that emerged from cross-party civic engagement.
  • You are part of a large network of music enthusiasts.