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If you are interested in any of the activities above, please contact us by e-mail: mail(at)notenspur-leipzig.de or
0341/ 25 35 48 60.

Further contacts here.



Participation in Events and Festivals

  • Notenspur Day
  • Artist support in the context of the European project
  • Short-term support at individual events, stand supervision


  • on music-related topics
  • for composer portraits
  • on music (culture) in the countryside

Intercultural and international communication

  • Initiation and maintenance of contacts to (music clubs of) foreigners and migrants
  • Translation of information flyers (e.g. Arabic)
  • Collaboration in the project "European Music Trails”


  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with partners

Acquisition of subsidies and third-party funds

  • Researching funding opportunities (foundations, public programs, project funding)
  • Participation in the preparation of grant applications

In Addition

we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who are already supporting us. Without them, the Notenspur project would not exist!



The Leipziger Notenspur (Leipzig Music Trail) with its diverse activities and projects essentially lives from the active support of volunteers. The citizens' project was created by "normal" Leipzig citizens from very different professions and age groups and has grown steadily from the "bottom" to the "top" through their enthusiasm and perseverance.

In our search for supporters, we receive active help from the Leipzig Volunteer Agency.

Would you also like to support the Leipziger Notenspur with your talent, your perseverance or your energy? We welcome new members and offer interesting tasks to you.


Lateral Thinking

  • Search for interdisciplinary possibilities of collaboration, e.g. with fine arts, photography, architecture.
  • Search for exhibition possibilities and conception of Notenspur exhibitions, including existing material.

Cultural and Social Education

  • Participation in cultural and social education projects
  • Development of concepts for school and extracurricular projects