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Jewish Music Culture – On the Trail of Jewish Musicians

Didactic Brochure and Entdeckerpass (Discovery Passport)

Leipzig's rich musical heritage includes the culture of its Jewish inhabitants, whose contributions are only slightly present in the memory of Leipzig's citizens, especially due to the expulsion by the Nazis. To give this lost heritage a home in our city again and to bring it back into our memory is an important concern of the Leipziger Notenspur Association. In this sense, the Jewish Music Culture project focuses on communicating regional Jewish musical heritage to children, residents and guests of the city of Leipzig – interactively, sensually and closely linked to former sites and buildings in Leipzig that relate German-Jewish cultural history.

The realization of our aim regarding Jewish musical culture in Leipzig is made possible by two complementary teaching materials for Leipzig grammar schools, secondary schools, and high schools, for children and adults: the “Notenbogen-Entdeckerpass” (Music Arc Discovery Passport) and “Jüdischen Musikern in Leipzig auf der Spur – Didaktische Materialien (On the Trail of Jewish Musicians in Leipzig – Didactic Brochure). They were realized in cooperation with the Chair for Didactics of History at the University of Leipzig. These materials are primarily aimed at teachers of history, ethics, religion, and music and are recommended for students in grades 5 and up of high schools and secondary schools. The teaching material can also be used by those working in extracurricular places of learning, citizens and guests of the city of Leipzig. The first part consists of a quiz as a form of playful knowledge acquisition. The second part contains three thematically different city rallies, which are oriented towards direct exploration in the urban space. The third part is about discovering and researching the biographies of Jewish musicians with regard to the political and social circumstances of the time.

Here you can download “Jüdischen Musikern in Leipzig auf der Spur – Didaktische Materialien” (German only).

You can also obtain the didactic brochure for a nominal fee of €2.50 from the Leipziger Notenspur office at Wintergartenstrasse 2 (Phone: +49 341/25354860).

Notenspur Leipzig e.V.
Concept, texts and didactic development: Julia Reinboth, Dr. Frank Britsche, Prof. Dr. Werner Schneider