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Jewish Life, Faith and Culture – Theme Evening at “Leipziger Hörspielsommer” Radio Play Festival

A theme evening with radio plays, interviews and music focused on German-Jewish coexistence in Leipzig since the time when Jews in Germany gradually received the same civil rights as non-Jews. The radio plays are about synagogues as places that can give people a home and a foothold, about recurring experiences of flight by Jewish people, about the richness of Jewish culture as exemplified by music, and about the struggle of the Jewish community to find its way anew in Germany between liberal and orthodox experiences of faith and life. Great personalities – bridge builders between cultures despite discrimination – as well as times of mutually enriching exchange offer starting points for a new coexistence of Jews and non-Jews in Germany.

Date: July 8, 2021
Place: Richard-Wagner-Hain (east side)

Project partners: Hörspielsommer, Hochschule für Technik Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences HTWK, Project and Event Management)

„Heimweh/Homesickness“ – A radio play series about Jewish life in Leipzig


So ein Schlamassel (Such a mess)
Director: Issam Jawad
Narrator: Lukas Auer
Isreal Blumfeld: Thorsten Doß
Esther Blumfeld: Milena Gürtler
Rachel Zaresik: Christin Pfeiffer
Shlomi Zaresik: Lukas Auer
Head of the session: Wilfried Reach
Jakov: Kay Liemann

Music titles with the kind support of the London Klezmer Quartet and Alexander Timofeev

Das letzte Konzert (The last concert)
Director: Matthias Winkel
Narrator: Lukas Auer
Barnet Licht: Wilfried Reach
Mirjam Zunser: Lilian Prent
Tanja Zunser: Laura Götz
Friedrich: Patrick Becker
Newspaper seller: Luisa Gruber
Spectator 1: Milena Gürtler
Spectator 2: Christin Pfeiffer


Music titles with the kind support of audite recordings und Bella Musica

Licht (Light)
Director: Clemens Moeller
Narrator: Lukas Auer
Barnet Licht: Wilfried Reach
Friedrich: Patrick Becker
Ilai: Tony Kruschinski
Elderly resident: Luisa Gruber
Passer-by: Christin Pfeiffer


Music titles with the kind support of Verlagsgruppe Kamprad

Drei Dienstage (Three Tuesdays)
Director: Jonas Klimm
Narrator: Lukas Auer
Leyla: Michaela Henze
Ada: Victoria Findlay
Manuel: Lukas Auer
Jakov: Kay Liemann
Accordion player: Wilfried Reach
Rabbi: Timotheus Arndt
Aide: Patrick Becker


Music titles with the kind support of duo-phon-records, Preiser Records, gpARTS // GermanPops Orchestra and Supraphon &nbs

Impressions of the Event on July, 8th, 2021