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European Music Trails – Travelling Musicians

Didactic brochure and workbook

Europe happens when people set out to meet each other. Living cultural heritage can convey values that are important for our coexistence in Europe. In the didactic brochure “Reisende Musiker” (Travelling Musicians), this is illustrated by the important musicians Clara Schumann (Germany), Edvard Grieg (Norway) and Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis (Lithuania), whose lives crossed paths in Leipzig. The years they spent here, their studies, friendships and experiences had a lasting impact on their lives and work. The workbook was created in connection with the EU-funded Creative Europe program, which started in 2018. Titled “European Music Trails”, it includes festivals, workshops and a traveling exhibition, which was shown in several places in the three project countries Germany, Lithuania and Norway.

The didactic material was developed by Leipziger Notenspur in collaboration with student teachers at the Centre for Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Leipzig. The richly illustrated booklet contains about 40 pages of short and informative texts, thematically prepared city maps, tasks to be solved and numerous knowledge games. Thematically, it follows a three-part structure in which the musical city of Leipzig and travelling in the 19th century are highlighted in different ways. It also introduces Clara Schumann, Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis, and Edvard Grieg and recreates their travel routes. Finally, the material offers templates for various city tours and games, as well as an overview of further resources.

“Reisende Musiker” offers high school students (grades 9-11) as well as students at secondary schools (grades 9 and 10) links to various curricular content. Travelling as an important part of the life and work of musicians and composers is the thematic focus of the booklet, which also deals with the music city of Leipzig as an important stop for many music makers. For older students, the life and work of Clara Schumann as a woman in the 19th century can also provide a thematic starting point, while for lessons in younger classes, for example, the travel dictionary with numerous illustrations offers suggestions on the topic of travel in the 19th century. The active inclusion of municipal institutions invites excursions and provides a basis for project weeks and interdisciplinary lessons in all grades. In the same way, each of the offers in the booklet can be used with little effort in subject lessons or even in a substitute lesson.

Here you can download Reisende Musiker. Didaktische Materialien und Arbeitsheft (German only).

You can also obtain the didactic brochure for a nominal fee of €2.50 from the Leipziger Notenspur office at Wintergartenstrasse 2 (Phone: +49 341/25354860).


Creative Europe
Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Notenspur Leipzig e.V. (Project Manager European Music Trails)

Concept and texts: Eszter Fontana, Frank Sindermann