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Objective of the Leipziger Notenrad

Leipzig, the city of music, city of the lives and work of preeminent composers of the 18th to 20th centuries, boasts an extraordinary wealth of sites of musical historical interest. Several of the most significant of these locations are not situated in the city centre and, therefore, cannot so readily be investigated as part of a "musical" promenade. A good number of these sites are also embedded in the particularly attractive surroundings of the river-laced floodplains around Leipzig. This twofold virtue can now be explored by Leipzig's guests and citizens alike, by means of the Leipziger Notenrad (Music Bike Trail). In beginning nearby St. Thomas' Church and concluding at the Gewandhaus, the Notenrad music route forges an arch between the two most illustrious summits of Leipzig's musical history.

The unusual fusion of music with recreation in nature creates an individual experience. As a result of the planned linking of the Leipziger Notenrad with the cycle routes along the Elster and Pleisse rivers, as well as its future connection to those along the Mulde and the Saale, a captivating new attraction for interregional bicycle tourism will be created.
The Notenrad music route also contributes to the promotion of a diverse range of Leipzig's treasures that are not yet the focus of the attention and tourist interest they deserve: the Wilhelminian Quarter, the city's gardens and waterways, the species-rich floodplains, country estates and parks, stately homes and works of art in the public domain.