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Memorial for the Ez Chaim Synagogue

In contrast to the dignified memorial at the site of the former Great Liberal Congregational Synagogue, the site of the former Great Orthodox Ez Chaim Synagogue is a lost site with no evidence of the synagogue. In cooperation with the Kolonnadenviertel Civic Association and the Henriette Goldschmidt School, the project aims to reclaim the lost site as a place of remembrance.

We will work intensively with the trainee educators of the Henriette Goldschmidt School to jointly make the former site of the Ez Chaim Synagogue worthy. In workshops, we will develop a concept for this with the trainees and plan which publicity campaigns we can carry out within this framework. This concept will be developed and implemented in collaboration with the Kolonnadenviertel Civic Association ("Die Kolle"). An exchange between the trainees as well as the students involved in the development of an audio and/or video contribution on the Notenbogen (Leipzig Music Arc) station Ez Chaim Synagogue is also intended. The results will be presented in September 2022 during the celebration week for the 100th consecration anniversary of the Ez Chaim Synagogue.

Project partners: DIE KOLLE, Der Bürgerverein Kolonnadenviertel e.V. Leipzig, Henriette-Goldschmidt-Schule