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We Celebrate, Sing, Dance!

The event "We Celebrate, Sing, Dance!" taught students in fourth through sixth grades about Jewish culture in an experiential way using the example of the festival of Purim. This festival, which commemorates the salvation of the Persian Jews, is particularly suitable for this purpose because of its joyful occasion. The young participants danced, sang and tasted traditional pastries. Special highlights included the participation of Rabbi Zsolt Balla and the presentation of the Notenbogen-Entdeckerpass (Music Arc Discovery Passport) "Tracing Jewish Musicians in Leipzig". The Discovery Passport encourages to search for traces in the middle of the city of Leipzig. Through the combination of music, dance, history and the present, a lively approach to Jewish culture and religion was created. The event was suitable for deepening the subject matter on Jewish culture in the subject areas of ethics, history, religion, music and science.

Project partner: Ariowitsch-Haus e.V.

Date: June 29th, 2021

Place: Ariowitsch House

Impressions of the Event on June 29th, 2021