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European Music Trails - Building Bridges

75 Years of the End of World War II – November 18th–21st, 2020

The history of Europe includes the two devastating world wars that covered our continent with violence. Approximately 60 million people lost their lives in World War II. Its end in 1945 is an occasion to remember 75 years later in an artistic way how hostility has changed into a new togetherness, and that a common Europe is not a fixed possession but has to be worked out by us again and again. The plan was to commemorate the end of the war together with young European musicians whose ancestors lived through World War II.

In view of the developments related to the coronavirus pandemic in November 2020 and the regulations issued to contain it, the 6th Notenspur Night of Playing Music at Home on November 21st, 2020 and the associated festival "European Music Trails – Building Bridges" (November 18th–21st, 2020) unfortunately could not take place.

The following events were planned:

Commemorative event at the Paulinum (University Church St. Pauli)
Wed, Day of Repentance and Prayer, November 18th, 2020,19:00
2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. This event heralded the longest period of peace in the history of Europe. In November 2020, the anniversary will be an occasion to artistically remember the antagonism of that time and to honour the new togetherness that has been achieved. In a commemorative event at the Paulinum, the theme of "Guilt and Reconciliation" will be explored in depth through words and sound. The musical framework program will be arranged by young musicians from different countries.

Although the event could not take place, to still counteract the forgetting and to make the prepared texts and some of the music nevertheless visible and audible, we recorded this video (German only).

With speakers: Victoria Findley, Michaela Henze, Lilian Prent, Laura Götz and musician (violin): Georgina Pennewaert, Belgium. Production manager: Susann Großmann


Visits to Leipzig schools
Thu/ Fri, 19&20/11/20

Concert and talks at the Alte Nikolaischule
Thu, 19/11/20, 19:00
Concert and talks at Schumann House Leipzig
Fri, 20/11/20, 19:00

6th Notenspur Night of Playing Music at Home - with European guests
Sat, 21/11/20, 19:00


Co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget adopted by the deputies of the city of Leipzig.

Co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget adopted by the members of the Saxon Parliament.