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Building Bridges over Trenches – 100 years of the end of World War I

The project "Building Bridges over Trenches - 100 Years of the End of World War I" focused on the unifying power of cultural values in Europe. A Europe that has experienced both periods of growing together, in which the ideals of freedom, equality and fraternity were formative, and periods of violent and devastating conflict, such as the two world wars that encompassed the entire continent. In the First World War, which lasted from July 1914 to November 1918, some 17 million people lost their lives. Its end 100 years ago was the occasion to remember in November 2018 in an artistic way the opposition of that time, to appreciate the new togetherness achieved and to address current developments.

These nineteen musicians from twin cities of Leipzig (Bologna, Brno, Lyon, Krakow, Kiev) and Moscow were invited from November 20th–25th, 2018, to commemorate together the end of World War I 100 years ago and to carry it into civil society:

France: Malinconia Quartet (Lucile Dugue, Anna Gagneur, Oriane Lavignolle, Carolane Gonin-Joubert)
Italy: Trio Ligados (Mattia Dragoni, Giovanni Morselli, Giovanni Tamburini)
Poland: Fresco Sonare (Berenika Friso, Karolina Rumian, Karolina Paletko, Karazyna Krawczyk)
Russia: Con Anima (Arseniya Sibileva, Dmitrii Berezniak)
Czech Republic: Jaromír Zámečník, Vladimír Halíček, Vernonika Klašková
Ukraine: Daryna Rura, Demyan Vyrozub, Olha Stukalova

Memorial service in St. Nicholas Church with international musicians
Wednesday, November 21st, 2018, 17:00

The service in the St. Nicholas Church took place on the Day of Repentance and Prayer (a holiday in Saxony) and took its theme "Repentance and Reconciliation". St. Nicholas Church and the Notenspur association jointly took responsibility for this event and it took place with the active participation of musicians from the former enemy but today's partner countries. 
The musicians from the twin cities were involved through music as well as readings and prayers in their native languages.
(Programme here)

Cooperation Partners:
Hochschule für Musik und Theater „Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“ 
Nikolaikirche Leipzig
Referat für Internationale Zusammenarbeit der Stadt Leipzig

Visits to Leipzig schools

In order to promote encounters between people of different nations and generations, the Notenspur Association organized visits by guest musicians to schools in Leipzig and the surrounding area.

The project took place in cooperation with the following schools:
Grundschule am Rabet Leipzig
Grundschule Hohnstädt
Erich-Zeigner-Grundschule Leipzig
Robert-Schumann-Gymnasium Leipzig
Fanny-Hensel-Grundschule Leipzig
Franz-Mehring-Grundschule Leipzig
Magnus-Gottfried-Lichtwer-Gymnasium Wurzen

4th Notenspur Night of Playing Music at Home – with European guests
Saturday, November 24th, 2018

Not only musicians living in Leipzig contributed to the 4th Notenspur Night of Playing Music at Home during 83 events, but also our guests from countries that were enemies 100 years ago. When Leipzigers open their homes for them and share their love of music with them and their guests, it is a strong message of reconciliation and the unifying power of music.

The project was funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) as part of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018.

This measure was co-financed by tax funds based on the budget passed by the members of the Saxon Parliament.

Supported by Sparkasse Leipzig.