Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur

Route & stations of the Leipziger Notenbogen (Leipzig Music Arc)

The Arc of Notes is a 5 km walk west of the city center and is in the planning phase.

1. Site of Richard Wagner's birthplace 2. Site of Old Theater
3. Site of Heinrich Marschner's Residence 4. Gustav Mahler's Residence
5. Albert Lortzing's Residence 6. Erwin Schulhoff's Residence
7. Site of Pianoforte Factory Blüthner 8. forum thomanum
9. University of Music and Theatre „Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“ – Max Reger 10. Bibliotheca Albertina
11. Site of the Second Gewandhaus, Mendelssohn-Waterside 12. Leipzig City Library – Peters Music Library
13. Site of Ez Chaim Synagogue 14. Nikisch Square – Nikischplatz
15. Site of Synagogue Gottschedstraße 16. Mendelssohn Monument at St. Thomas’ Church
17. The Richard Wagner Monument and pedestal by Klinger
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