Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur

Objective of the Leipziger Notenspur (Leipzig Music Trail)

What is unique about Leipzig is the local density of authentic homes and places of work of famous composers, offering the opportunity to explore 800 years of music history on a short walk. On foot from Telemann, Bach, Mendelssohn and Schumann to Wagner, Grieg, Mahler and Reger – many important musicians and composers left their mark on Leipzig in their time. Elements of a curved stainless-steel band – "intarsia" – run at ground level as a trail through Leipzig's city centre and connect the 23 stations with each other. Information boards and steles explain the significance of each location. The acoustic guidance system also makes Leipzig's music history audible. To make the Leipziger Notenspur (Music Trail) accessible to everyone, it is designed to be cross-generational and experience-oriented (see Kleine Leipziger Notenspur (Little Leipzig Music Trail) and Acoustic Guidance System ), the current main flyer can be viewed here. Leipzig Tourism and Marketing Ltd. provides information on accommodation in Leipzig

and the surrounding area, as well as on how to get there and back, and offers downloads of tourist information material. Because of its international significance, the network of nine authentic music heritage sites and the Leipziger Notenspur was awarded the European Heritage Label in March 2018.

The General Principle of the Notenspur

We connect Leipzig's extraordinary musical tradition and present with our city – its architecture, its public spaces and its green areas, its history, its personalities and its citizens. We supply space for music in our city and offer it as an experience in the city. Together we promote Leipzig's musical heritage and share it with people from near and far.

Music moves and connects the city.