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Why Become a Sponsor?

The Leipzig Music Routes project (Leipziger Notenspur – Music Trail, Leipziger Notenbogen – Music Arc and Leipziger Notenrad – Music Bike Trail) has a lot to offer:

Leipzig has a worldwide unique density of authentic places of work and residence of outstanding composers and musicians such as Bach, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Wagner, Grieg and Mahler. The aim of the Leipziger Notenspur initiative is to bundle this unique heritage and to highlight it in public spaces. Supplemented by a music experience guidance system, more than 300 years of music history can be experienced.

The City of Leipzig, supported by the Free State of Saxony, successfully applied for the European Heritage Label with nine authentic music heritage sites connected by the Leipziger Notenspur music route and the cultural project "European Music Trails – From Leipzig to Europe". In March 2018, the European Heritage Label was awarded.

The registered trademark Leipziger "Notenspur" (Leipzig Music Trail) stands for a far-reaching network of music institutions, associations and private individuals with the participation of Leipzig's universities and Leipzig Tourism and Marketing. The three major traditional Leipzig orchestras, the St. Thomas Boys Choir, the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the MDR Symphony Orchestra, support the Notenspur project.

The emerging project is already being promoted worldwide by Leipzig Tourism and Marketing Ltd. Due to its high importance for tourism and the resulting strengthening of Leipzig as a business location, the project also enjoys strong support from the City of Leipzig and the Free State of Saxony.

In a resolution passed by the city council on July 9th, 2008, the city of Leipzig declared its intention to support the project to the best of its ability and to take it over as a municipal project because of its great importance for the marketing of the city and its culture. On the basis of the planning decision of the OBM service consultation of 30.03.2010, the planning for the structural implementation took place, which was completed in summer 2011. The opening of the Leipziger Notenspur as the first Music Route took place in May 2012. Currently, we are working on the preparation for the realization of the second project, the Leipziger Notenbogen (Music Arc).

The highlighted realization in the public sphere and thus – unlike the sponsorship of a single cultural event – the sustainable anchoring in the public perception is of particular interest to sponsors. The fact that this is done in conjunction with a prominent cultural project in Leipzig, which highlights and strengthens the city's unique selling point and creates an identity for Leipzig's citizens, is a further advantage of the Music Routes projects.

10 good reasons to make a financial commitment to the Notenspur project

  • You are taking an innovative project in Leipzig into your own hands.
  • You make Leipzig's extraordinary musical tradition visible in the cityscape.
  • You create musical discovery tours for the whole family.
  • You present Leipzig's treasures to guests from all over the world.
  • You make culture tangible and experienceable for everyone.
  • You contribute to the "network" of Leipzig's music.
  • You set an example for our civic spirit.
  • You become a patron of culture and join the long list of benefactors of Leipzig culture.
  • You support a project that has emerged from cross-party civic commitment.
  • You participate in a large network of music enthusiasts.