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Project Day at Rabet Primary School

Collaboration with “Schule am Rabet” Primary School

Together with the Leipzig primary school "am Rabet", a project day was held with all classes of the fourth grade. Within the framework of the project day, Jewish culture was made tangible as part of German history on the one hand, and on the other hand, the relationship to the Muslim culture was shown through the emotional bridge of "music". This connected to the reality of life of a large part of the students. The school has the largest proportion of migrants in Leipzig and is located in a district with a high proportion of Muslim citizens. The project intended to help awaken curiosity and openness to the unknown and to create the opportunity to experience other cultures and to break down a lack of understanding. During a guided tour, the children visited the current synagogue and the sites of the liberal and orthodox synagogues destroyed in 1938 and learned about Jewish dances. The children attended a get-together, sang Jewish songs at several stops and drew a Synagogue window on paper and Thank-you cards.

Project partner:  Schule am Rabet

Date: October 13th, 2021