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Design competition for the signposting system

The design for the signposting system was developed in the summer of 2007 as part of a design competition. The project manager of the competition was Dipl.-Geogr. Heide Luckmann / Verein der Freunde des Bauingenieur- und Wirtschaftsingenieurwesens der Universität Leipzig e. V. (Association of Friends of Construction and Industrial Engineering at the University of Leipzig).

Competition tasks

The aim of the design competition is to develop a common design for the following elements:

  • Marking of the route
  • Basic information panels
  • Station panels (regular case + special case)
  • Logos of the Notenspur (incl. supplementary children's logo) and modified logos for the supplementary routes of Notenbogen and Notenrad.

The route guidance system should have the following characteristics:

  • high recognition value
  • highlighted in comparison to other already existing signage systems in the city
  • inviting effect/ arouse curiosity
  • child-friendly design (signage)

In order to be able to realize the envisaged goals of the Notenspur, the signage system of the Leipziger Notenspur music route must fulfil the following functions:

  • convey information
  • easy and clear orientation
  • reference to further information possibilities
  • bilingual design

Due to the intended longevity of the signage system, the markings and signs should be

  • durable
  • wear-resistant
  • low maintenance
  • easy to renew (i.e., also to remove without leaving any residue) and
  • be less susceptible to vandalism.


Pre-announcement of the design competition on www.competitionline.de / in the Leipziger Amtsblatt (official gazette) 24.05.2007 / 09.06.2007  
Application deadline for the design offices 25.06.2007
Selection of the participating offices 03.07.2007
Mailing of tender documents to the selected design offices 06.07.2007
Questions and answers colloquium 19.07.2007
Processing of the competition entries (closing date) 06.09.2007
Meeting of the jury 24.09.2007
Presentation of the competition results in the Leipzig Gewandhaus 04.-18.10.2007

Participating offices

AG Moosbauer + Huennerkopf Berlin / Wertheim
Büro Blickpunkt Berlin
EXPOSIV Rutsch + Rutsch Schwerin
Franke + Stenzel Architekten Leipzig
Gourdin & Müller Leipzig
Information Design Studio Amsterdam
Nowakteufelknyrim Düsseldorf
Studio KW + Sosumi Kommunikation Leipzig / Frankfurt


Competition result

In the meeting of the jury on September 24th, 2007, the following awards were decided:

  •   no 1st prize
  •   2nd prize: AG Moosbauer + Huennerkopf, Berlin / Wertheim
  •   3rd prize: Gourdin & Müller, Leipzig

The jury recommends the awarding authorities to further develop the work (logos, interfaces to family-friendly additional offers) of the 2nd prize winner together with the latter and to use it as a basis for the execution.

Downloads – Competition announcement