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The Leipziger Notenspur (Music Trail) Initiative is a community of interest of private individuals, associations, institutions and local businesses that wants to make Leipzig's outstanding musical history a tangible experience in the city.

Its origins lie in the project leader's idea in 1998 to initiate a prominent musical city walk. After several attempts, a network for the realisation of this idea has emerged since 2005 – the Leipziger Notenspur Initiative. In order to put the citizens' initiative on a legally secure footing, the Notenspur-Förderverein e.V. association was founded in 2008, and in 2017 the name was changed to Notenspur Leipzig e.V.

“Notenspur” is now a registered trademark and stands as an umbrella brand for the Leipzig citizens' initiative of the same name and the association.

Making Leipzig's musical tradition visible and audible – On a tourist trail through the city that connects the authentic homes and places of work of numerous world-renowned composers, these are once again brought into the public consciousness. Connections are created between past and present; sparks of imagination fly and an understanding awakens for the historical circumstances of the creation of great musical works.

Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Robert and Clara Schumann, Richard Wagner, Edvard Grieg and other important musicians thus come alive again as citizens of our city.

A special feature of Notenspur is to make the theme of music useful for other aspects of the city's development by linking the cultural project with other focal points. Through this networking, the Notenspur project is not only a music-historical project, but it also includes architectural, urban-planning, tourist, monument-historical, design, media-technical, economic-political and even family-political, educational and environmental aspects.

The concerns and goals of Notenspur are now also supported by the City of Leipzig. 

Aims of the Notenspur Project

  • To visualise Leipzig's outstanding musical tradition in public spaces – highlighted signage system between authentic places of remembrance
  • To strengthen the citizens’ identification with their city of Leipzig
  • To develop an internationally recognisable umbrella brand for Leipzig as a city of music
  • To develop a tourist attraction for Leipzig's guests
  • To develop cultural values and roots across generations, genres and milieus
  • To plan and implement the "European Music Trail" project to preserve the European Heritage Label awarded in 2018