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Activities with Schools and Young People

During the project period several workshops for different age groups will take place.

In France a pedagogical programme is offered to local schools and an institution that welcomes young adults with mental disabilities in Saint Donat and Perrins in 2023 and 2024. Content of the programme will be music, percussion, and poetry slam. An additional poetry slam workshop will take place in autumn/winter of 2022 with university students of UCLy (Lyon) in the context of BABEL BACH.

In Leipzig/Germany a weeklong dance workshop at a school with special needs will be organized in 2023. The aim is to give the children an opportunity to explore different dance styles, to acquire knowledge about embodied non-verbal communication and expressions and to experience that every human being with a body can be a dancer. Additionally, 20 hours of workshop will be offered during several winter months 2022/2023 to young adults in the context of BABEL BACH.

In Modena/Italy a weeklong dance workshop will be offered to school children parallel to the BACH ACADEMY in June 2024. Additionally, a several days long poetry slam workshop will be organized in spring 2023 in the context of BABEL BACH.