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Projects with Schools, Associations and Institutions

Cooperation with “Schule am Rabet” Primary School

Together with the Leipzig primary school "am Rabet", project days are held with all classes of the fourth grade. Within the framework of the project days, Jewish culture is made tangible as part of German history on the one hand, and on the other hand, the relationship to the Muslim culture is shown through the emotional bridge of "music". This connects to the reality of life of a large part of the students. The school has the largest proportion of migrants in Leipzig and is located in a district with a high proportion of Muslim citizens. The project is intended to help awaken curiosity and openness to the unknown and to create the opportunity to experience other cultures and to break down a lack of understanding. During a guided tour, the children will visit the current synagogue and the sites of the great liberal and orthodox synagogues destroyed in 1938. In the Jewish meeting centre Ariowitsch House, there will be Jewish dances and music to join in. At the end, there will be a jointly organized get-together in the school auditorium with Jewish food and songs, but also with Muslim-influenced music. Here the children can also present music from their own cultures.

Project partner:  Schule am Rabet – not public –

Cooperation with 94. Oberschule (94th Secondary School)

In the fall of 2021, project days will be held with students (7th and 8th grades). Here, too, the focus is on Jewish music and Jewish places. The project strengthens self-awareness and awareness of others and encourages civil courage. It gives Jewish culture, which is initially perceived as "foreign”, the face of people to whose personal voice emotional access is created through music. It tells encouraging examples of experienced solidarity and commitment to the values of humanity. The study of Jewish musical cultural heritage makes it possible to show impressive examples of periods of success and failure in the coexistence of different cultures. In view of the current migration movements, this discussion of how peaceful coexistence can be possible becomes even more topical.
One component of the project days is the participation in Sukkot XXL, see below.

Project partner:  94. Oberschule Leipzig – not public –

Cooperation with the Henriette Goldschmidt School

An open-minded and tolerant approach in adulthood requires a cosmopolitan upbringing and role modelling in childhood and adolescence. In addition to the parental home, educators and teachers are the main mediators of these approaches. In order to bring exactly these future multipliers into contact with the topic, the Henriette Goldschmidt School in Leipzig, whose foundation goes back to wealthy Jewish citizens, was gained as a cooperation partner. In addition to providing training in social professions, the school also supports truants in the vocational preparation year (BVJ). The project work focuses on Jewish female musicians from various European countries who met while studying at the Leipzig Conservatory, experienced the gradual exclusion together after the National Socialists took power, and were finally only allowed to perform at events organized by the Jewish Cultural Association. They managed to escape Germany before being deported to an extermination camp. Selected project results such as sound collages and flash mobs will be presented during “Jüdische Woche 2021” (Jewish Week 2021).

Further information will follow.

Project partner:  Henriette-Goldschmidt-Schule – not public –

Cooperation with Bürgerverein Kolonnadenviertel (Civic Association of “Kolonnaden” District) on the Ez Chaim Synagogue

In contrast to the dignified memorial at the site of the former large liberal community synagogue, the site of the former large orthodox Ez Chaim synagogue, which gave home to thousands of Jews who fled from Eastern Europe, shows no evidence of it. In cooperation with the Bürgerverein Kolonnadenviertel and the Henriette-Goldschmidt-School, the project aims to reclaim the lost site as a place of remembrance.

Results of the project will be presented during the “Jüdische Woche” (Jewish Week): June 28th – July 4th, 2021.

Project partner: DIE KOLLE, Der Bürgerverein Kolonnadenviertel e.V. Leipzig, Henriette-Goldschmidt-Schule, Israelitische Religionsgemeinde