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Schalom explorers!

Did you know that the history of Jewish life in Leipzig dates back to the middle ages? At the end of the Middle Ages the Jews were expelled from Leipzig because, for example, they were made responsible for epidemics. Jewish traders were the first who then later were allowed to stay in the city-but only because of the trade fairs. For example, they ran successful shops selling fur and animal skins. It was only in the 19th century that Jews were allowed to live in Leipzig again. Some of the many Jews left musical treasures behind them.

This Discovery Pass invites you on a city tour through Leipzig, where you can find out about the historical marks of Jewish musicians and culture which you can still find today. You’ll go to eight places on the “Leipzig Music Walk.” There are three further stations, which normally aren’t part of the music walk, but which are connected to Jewish culture, which are marked on the city plan with the letters A,B and C and also with a Star of David. There you can learn more about Jewish composers and Jewish publishers who lived in Leipzig. To help you orientate yourselves, we marked in colour the chapters and terms, which are explained on page 40. Additionally on our homepage www.notenspur-leipzig.de in the section For Children under The Music Walk-Discovery Pass, you can have a listen to different music pieces by composers which are presented in this Discovery Pass. Have fun!


School students from Leipzig also took part in the “Music Walk-Discovery Pass” project, and you can discover some drawings, photos and a poem by them. Perhaps you have made something about our theme? Maybe we can put up some of your works in the gallery on our homepage. Just send them to: machmit@notenspur-leipzig.de