Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur

Walking the Music Trail with Toni

On what occasions did the town pipers play music? Since when could one listen to the radio in Germany? These are some of the questions that you will find in a Music Trail Discovery Pass (“Notenspur Entdeckerpass”), which premiered in a joint event of the MDR Children and Youth Music Network CLARA. The Discovery Pass, or “Entdeckerpass”, invites children to make musical discoveries on the Leipzig Music Trail, actively supported by Toni, the mascot of the Little Leipzig Music Trail (“Kleine Leipziger Notenspur”).  

The children and other guests of the presentation event at the MDR Studio listened to the music by Bach, Schumann, Wagner and marveled at the costumes and instruments. The audio samples for children presented at the 12 stations of the Notenspur were to hear as well. Thus, the objective of the Little Leipzig Music Trail became apparent: to create opportunities for all-round exploration of music and city history. 

“There is one family-friendly sight more in our city,” so Prof. Thomas Fabian, Deputy Mayor for Youth, Society, Health and Education. “The Discovery Pass and the Little Leipzig Music Trail is a great way for our children to become inspired by their city and its music! You can discover places and stories that you would not become acquainted with were it not for the Notenspur.” 

The Leipziger Notenspur (Leipzig Music Trail) is a cross-generation project, which enables  children to make their personal experiences in the field of classical music by means of play. A great number of composers of the Leipzig Music Trail, including Richard Wagner, Clara Wieck, Robert Schumann, Edward Grieg, Leos Janacek and Georg Philipp Telemann, spent their childhood, youth or student years in Leipzig. Apart from that, the numerous children of the composers were born here.   

The Little Leipzig Music Trail leads you through the selected stations along the main Music Trail with its 23 information points. The task to find trails (presented by stainless steel inlays of the route guidance system) in a public area awakens curiosity and discovery spirit in children, their parents and grandparents.  

Families can search for trails together – it will be an exciting experience for everyone! Leipzig’s famous musicians and their children come to life in audio samples developed especially for children and available via phone at the 12 spots.   

History can be experienced at these stations with the help of the stories and riddles in the Discovery Pass. The young discoverers who responded to the tasks correctly will be rewarded!  

The Notenspur Discovery Pass (“Entdeckerpass”) can be acquired against a nominal fee of 2,50 € at some of the Notenspur Stations during their opening hours, e.g.: at Bach Museum, Mendelssohn House, Schumann House or the Tourist Information Office. The filled pages with riddles can be handed in there as well.  

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