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Building Bridges Over Trenches – 100 Years Since The End Of First World War

During the First World War (July 1914 to November 1918) about 17 million people lost their lifes. Its end 100 years ago was the occasion to artistically remember the confrontation of those days, to appreciate the new cooperation and to react to current centrifugal forces and national egotism. The project “Building Bridges Over Trenches“ showed, in these contradictory contexts:

* Europe has a basis of shared cultural values
* Europe develops when people begin to encounter each other
* Europe comes alive thanks to the participation of its citizens

This projects cause is shared by people whose forefathers were opponents in the First World War. 19 musicians from six different European countries were invited (Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine).

The following activities took place in November 2018:

Memorial service with international musicians in St Nicholas Church (21 Nov 2018)
Wednesday, 21st of November 2018, 5pm

The service on the Day of Repentance and Prayer addresses the topic of “turning back and reconciliation“. It was shaped by the active participation of the musicians who were invited.

Hochschule für Musik und Theater „Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy“ 
Nikolaikirche Leipzig
Referat für Internationale Zusammenarbeit der Stadt Leipzig

Musicians visit Leipzig schools (22/23 Nov 2018)

In order to encourage encounters of people from various nations and generations, guest musicians performed in front of Leipzig pupils and told them what they learned about the war from their grandparents, how they themselves experience Europe today and what they do to live together in harmony there.

4th European Music Trail Night of Making Music at Home with european guests
Saturday, 24th of November 2018

A special way that citizens of Leipzig practice culture could be seen in the Music Trail Night of Making Music in the Home. Making home-music has a long tradition in Leipzig. Over 60 private homes and other unusual locations, such as lawyer’s offices, hairdressers and other shops held small concerts. 400 voluntary musicians took part (amateurs, music school pupils and music students, families, professional musicians). The Notenspur Leipzig helds a Night of Home Music every year.

In the 4th Music Trail Night, the international guest musicians took part as well. When citizens open up their homes to share their love for music, this is a strong message of reconciliation and the linking power of music.

The project was also a part of the whole project “European Music Trails”. For further information click here.

Impressions by the photograph Daniel Reiche | Visuelle Medien:

The project was funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien, BKM) within the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 Sharing Heritage.

This measure was co-financed by taxpayers money on the basis of the budget which was decided by the members of the Saxon state parliament.

With kindly support from Sparkasse Leipzig.