Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur Leipziger Notenspur

Development Steps

·        Compilation of a feasibility study (2005/2006)

  • Submission of the study to the Cultural Committee of the City Council.                                       

Extract from the protocol of the closed meeting of the Cultural Committee on the 26th of January, 2007: agendum - the cultural and tourist project “Notenspur”

The following conclusion is drawn in the process of the evaluation of the hearing:

The Notenspur project receives appreciation on behalf of the members of the Cultural Committee that uses its best endeavours to support it.

The Leipzig Tourist Service is encouraged to integrate the project into its activities.

  • Vote: unanimous
  • Trademark rights acquired for „Notenspur“ (May 2007) as well as for “Notenbogen”, “Notenrad” and “Notenszene” (April 2008). Trademark owner: the University of Leipzig  Copyright: Werner Schneider
  • Limited Design Contest for the best Notenspur route guidance system (Reward offered by the Notenspur Initiative and Leipzig Tourist Service e.V.) Contest dates: July – September 2007
  • Public presentation of the contest results (04. – 18.10.2007 at the Leipzig Gewandhaus)
  • Resolution on support adopted by the Leipzig municipality. (Staff meeting with the Mayor 22. 04. 2008)
  • General resolution on the Notenspur project adopted by the City Council (Council Assembly 09.07.2008)
  • Preparation of the application for the inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List in cooperation with the World Heritage Faculty of Cottbus University (Winter semester 2008/2009)
  • October 2008: Notenspur Förderverein e.V. is founded
  • The „Lebendige Stadt“ Foundation sponsors 10100 Euro to the Notenwand (Music Wall) (Approved 4.12.2008)
  • The citizens‘ charity campaign „Aus 1 mach 4 für die Leipziger Notenspur“ (“Make 4 out of 1 for the Leipzig Music Trail”) and regional sponsorship since 2009
  • Resolution on planning adopted by the Leipzig municipality (Staff meeting with the Mayor 30.03.2010)
  • The planning and advertising of the Notenspur route and audio guidance systems sponsored by the competent departments in cooperation with the Notenspur Initiative and Leipzig Tourism and Marketing GmbH 2010/2011
  • The installation of the Notenspur route and audio guidance systems in April/May 2012
  • Opening of the Leipziger Notenspur. Kick-off 12.05.12 “Musik bewegt die Stadt” (“Music brings life to the city”) in connection with a city music festival.
  • Application for the inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List (recommended for the inclusion in the German tentative list as one of the two projects of the state government of Saxony in June 2012)
  • The project implementation continues, on the 10th of September, 2012 the Mayor recommends the City Council to include the means for the planning of the Leipziger Notenrad (Leipzig Music Ride) into the budget for the year 2013  
  • Leipzig University passes on the trademark rights for the three music routes to the Notenspur-Förderverein (The Notenspur Friends’ Association) on the 7th of November, 2012
  • The opening of the Notenrad (Music Ride) scheduled for 2016
  • The opening date of the Notenbogen (Music Walk) is not certain yet