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UNESCO Initiative / European Heritage Label Leipzig Music Trail - Places of European music history

On June 12, 2014, the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs decided not to put the application of the City of Leipzig under the title "Leipzig Music Trail - Places of European Music History" on the tentative list for the UNESCO World Heritage List. Instead, the City of Leipzig is now considering an application for the European Heritage Label – a new format with Europe-wide influence.

In 2006, the Music Trail Initiative applied for the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the authentic sites and workplaces of renowned composers of the Leipzig Music Trail - at a time when the European Heritage Label with its European selection process and reputation did not yet exist.

Click HERE for more information about the Leipzig Music Trail UNESCO Initiative.

The following reasons speak in favor of the new international  perspective behind an application of the Leipzig Music Trail for the European Heritage Label:

•    While only monuments under protection can be placed on the World Heritage List, the European Heritage Label offers the opportunity to honor intangible as well as tangible treasures. That means, the special connection between music of world renown, having been created in Leipzig and the associated sites and workplaces of the composer,s can be appreciated as a strength.

•    Offering cultural mediation for large groups of people and in particular passing culture on to future generations is much more important for the European Heritage Label. In this point the Music Trail with its intergenerational and innovative forms of mediation (Little Leipzig Music Trail, Leipzig Music Ride etc.) is convincing.

•    In a citizens’ Europe, citizens’ initiative and citizen participation have a special significance. The long history of civic engagement for the development of music, which has been characteristic for the citizens and the city for centuries, will evolve through the development of the Music Trail project.

•    The Europe-wide cultural musical exchange, aptly named "Europe in Leipzig - From Leipzig to Europe" and the European significance of music, having been created in Leipzig, are benefits for the European Heritage Label.

Leipzig is currently preparing an application for the European Heritage Label.